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RemoteCalendars.Core Namespace

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Class Description
ConfigurationSettings ConfigurationSettings is a class which contains all the user- configuration data about RemoteCalendars
DeleteRemoteCalendars DeleteRemoteCalendars is a GUI Form called by the user in order to choose which RemoteCalendar delete
DummyByDay This is a simple class in order to record two properties od a BYDAY: the Day and the number of the Day This is used when subscribing an iCalendar that contains RRULEs like this: RRULE:FREQ=MONTHLY;BYDAY=3TH which means: recurring every month on the third Thursday
DummyRecurrenceRule This is a very simple class to model a RRULE (rfc2445), still not completely defined
EventEmitter This class implements the abstract class StateEmitter. It's used to set correctly the AppointmentItems from a VEVENT iCalendar property
HttpLogInForm HttpLogInForm is a simple form, used to create NetworkCredentials for HTTP auhentication
OptionsRemoteCalendar OptionsRemoteCalendar it's a simple form used to prompt the user some options (only AutoUpdate option at the moment). The first time a user loads RemoteCalendar's plug-in, this form is shown, but it can be called also by pressing the "Options" button.
OutlookEmitter This class implements the IEmitter interface (see the iCalendar parser project at It's the main Parser for an iCalendar, it calls other class that implements the IEmitter interface to deploy a better job division so the code is more easy to understand and to mantain, using the Stack deisng pattern.
PRCUri This class was used when subscribing an iCalendar through webcal:// protocoll behind a SSL
RecurrenceEmitter This class extends the StateEmitter, in order to recognise correctly a RRULE (rfc2445)
ReloadRemoteCalendars ReloadRemoteCalendars is a simple GUI used by the user to reload a remote calendar. This class extends the DeleteRemoteCalendars class in order of reusing some useful code.
RemoteCalendar This class models a generic remote calendar. It's used to pass the information between all the GUI dialogs and the RemoteCalendarsController
RemoteCalendarsController This is the base class of RemoteCalendars: the RemoteCalendars Add-in connects the button's events to the methods presented by the RemoteCalendarsController
StateEmitter This abstract class implements the IEmitter interface (see the project of the iCalendar parser at
StatoRicaricamento StatoRicaricamento is a simple GUI called if the AutoUpdate option is turned on. StatoRicaricamento shows the progress made during reloading all the RemoteCalendars at the startup of Outlook and RemoteCalendars plug-in. This class is called inside the AutoUpdate() method of the RemoteCalendarsController. Tha MaximumProgressBar is set by the number of RemoteCalendars subscribed.
SubscribeRemoteCalendar SubscribeRemoteCalendar is the GUI launched to subscribe a new RemoteCalendar
TodoEmitter This class implements the abstract class StateEmitter. It's used to set correctly the AppointmentItems from a VTODO iCalendar property
WebcalRequestCreator This class is used to register the prefix "webcal://" for subscribing an iCalendar. It simply re-use the HttpWebRequest for accessing an iCalendar through webcal://