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OutlookEmitter overview

Public Instance Constructors

OutlookEmitter Constructor Constructor of the OutlookEmitter. Requires a reference to the ApplicationClass (Outlook) and a string (it's the url of the RemoteCalendar, used to identify the AppointmentItems inside Outlook)

Public Instance Properties

VParser This property get/set the Parser for the emitter

Public Instance Methods

doAttribute An attribute is a special information defined inside an entry of the iCalendar. It contains further information in order to explain better or add more information to the entry...there can be many attributes for one entry! Actually, it's only implemented in the case of a RRULE.
doBegin Not implemented by OutlookEmitter
doComponent Not implemented by OutlookEmitter
doComponentBegin This method is called when the parser recognise a component begin. Actually, in the OutlookEmitter, this happens only for the VEVENT component (rfc2445)
doEnd This method is called when a resource has been finished to been parsed. Actually it's only used in case of a RRULE (ends the job of the currently RecurrenceEmitter).
doEndComponent This method is called when a component has been finished to been parsed. Actually it's called only in case of the end of a VEVENT component
doID An ID is the main keyword identifying the iCalendar entry, as defined in the Parser class in the iCalendar parser project. It's used only in the case we're analyzing a VEVENT
doIntro Not implemented by OutlookEmitter
doIprop Not implemented by OutlookEmitter
doMailto Not implemented by OutlookEmitter
doOutro Not implemented by OutlookEmitter
doResource Not implemented by OutlookEmitter
doResourceBegin A resource is a particular entry (like a RRULE, rfc2445). In the OutlookEmitter, it's called only if a RRULE is recognised.
doRest The rest is the value of the entry defined by the ID. (Only VEVENT at the moment). It's called when the entry hasn't got any other attributes defined.
doSymbolic Not implemented by OutlookEmitter
doURIResource Not implemented by OutlookEmitter
doValueProperty A value property it's the value of an entry, when within the entry there are also some attributes defined. At the moment, it's defined only for VEVENT components.
emit Not implemented by OutlookEmitter
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