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RemoteCalendarsController overview

Public Instance Constructors

RemoteCalendarsController Constructor The constructor of RemoteCalendarsController. The constructor loads the file XML with all the information about the remote iCalendars inserted in Outlook. The first time RemoteCalendars is launched the constructor creates the XML configuration file and ask to the user to choose his options (AutoUpdate)

Public Instance Methods

AddCalendar This is the method called by the "Subscribe a remote calendar". It launches a SubscribeDialog and after the user has pressed ok, parse the iCalendar and creates the ApointmentItems
AutoUpdate This is the method called if the AutoUpdate feature is turned on. When Outlook and RemoteCalendars are loaded, with this functions all the RemoteCalendars are updated. An instance of the class StatoRicaricamento is called to show the progress of the reloading
DeleteCalendar This is the method connected to "Delete a remote calendar". After the button is pressed, an istance of the DeleteRemoteCalendar class is launched.
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IsAutoUpdate This method returns whether on not the user has choose to use the AutoUpdate feature
IsEmptyList This method controls if the list of remote calendars is empty or not
Options This is the method connected to the button "Options". It launches an instance of OptionsRemoteCalendar class.
ReloadCalendar This is the method connected to "Reload a remote calendar". After it's pressed, an instance of the ReloadRemoteCalendar class is launched
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