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What are the System Requirements? 

The System Requirements are: ^

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I've installed the new version, but it doesn't load anything. Why? 

Probably, you haven't the PIA (Primary Interoperability Assembly) of Outlook installed in your .NET framework (maybe you installed it after Office, or it wasn't well registered). You should download the last version of the PIA and install it (double click to extract the executable file and then run it).

Another possible problem: you may have install it for "Every person who logs on your computer". RemoteCalendars has been developed with the "Just me" option as default, and it didn't work with the admin one...but:

Admin install is now possible from the version 2.6
If it doesn't work yet, could you post a message into the Project forum? I read the forum every day (almost) and I'll try to solve every problem :) ^

How do I subscribe an iCalendar? It doesn't happen anything when I click on the link!! 

Unfortunately, RemoteCalendars doesn't work like iCal for Macintosh: in order to subscribe an iCalendar, you have to insert the link into the form that will be prompted when you click the button in the toolbar.
However, I've developed a new plugin, this time for Internet Explorer! This plugin will let you subscribe an iCalendar by right-clicking on the link in your Internet Explorer page! Try it now, here's the homepage for the Internet Explorer Extension for RemoteCalendars!^

What is RemoteCalendars *.*-.NET-1.1?

Unfortunately (don't ask me why, it's still a mistery...) a lot of people have problems with RC compiled against .NET framework 2 (the toolbar doesn't show up) I decided to keep updated the project builded with .NET framework 1.1...unfortunately, you cannot find all the same services.
The last version hasn't got:
  1. publish via ftp
  2. a smart unistaller

  3. L&F like Outlook 2003/Windows XP

However, I would strongly suggest to pass to the VSTO version, which is more stable. ^

Which servers/services work with RC? 

From the feedbacks I received from the forum: Please email me or write in the forum for each service you find that work or don't :) ^

How do I set an Apache server to serve iCalendar files? 

This answer is available in the forum at this link. It's quite just need to:
  1. If your Apache configuration allows it (if AllowOverride is enabled in httpd.conf), create a .htaccess file in the same directory as your ics file with a single line in it:
    AddType text/calendar .ics
  2. Add the same AddType line above to the httpd.conf file for Apache

Will you do the publishing? 

Actually, I'm pretty busy on getting my degree in Advanced Computer Engineering, but I hope to keep every day an eye over RemoteCalendars...about the publishing, a first version is already in my mind, and almost coded: I had already developed a library to build an iCalendar from an object model, I've to study only how to publish it...Fortunately, now I'm not alone anymore, we are three developers ;)

With RemoteCalendars version 4.0 a first version for publishing the Outlook Calendar and the Outlook TaskList as an iCalendar is available! :D ^

What kind of iCalendars is possible to subscribe 

At the moment, with the last version (5.82), it's possible: For every problem, please contact me throught the SourceForge WebSite Project Page :)

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