RemoteCalendars Developer Rules  

Programs suggested  

If you wish to develop RemoteCalendars, you should use a program to connect with the RemoteCalendars CVS...At the moment I'm trying (with some satisfaction :))'s another program of SourceForge, and I think it's quite good and easy to use... I would also suggest WinMerge: you should install it after TortoiseCVS, so it'll be recognised by TortoiseCVS automatically :) ^

I've my version of RemoteCalendars on my computer...and now? 

Well, you are free to develop and to propose new features for RemoteCalendars :)...I suggest you to control first the trackers opened in the site of RemoteCalendars at SourceForge and other things like bug, patches and so on...please keep an eye on the forum, and register to the mailing list... I've uploaded the RemoteCalendars' documentation, but you can find it also as a zip in the File Releases!
In order to build RemoteCalendars, you'll need also the iCalParser project which is another SourceForge project. ^

What is TesterOutlook? 

RemoteCalendars is a plug-in for Outlook 2003...when I started developing it, I decided to project almost all the business logic using a simple GUI that would run outside from Outlook...that's TesterOutlook...Actually, I use it sometimes, but it isn't so updated like RemoteCalendars...but if you want to try a new feature, I think it would be easier to develop it with TesterOutlook ;) ^

When the next release? 

I hope very soon...I'll try to continue developing RemoteCalendars...actually, the last version is 5.82 VSTO !! :D ^
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