RemoteCalendars Translation Page 

So what do you want me to translate? 

First of all, remember always to update your CVS (see the developer's rules) ;)... Second, I'm asking you to translate the text-label of the graphics of RemoteCalendars...the files that you should modify are: In all these files there is a private (or protected) method called SetNames() where you can find a Switch-Case structure where you should insert your translations :).
If you don't use a CVS, don't worry! When you'll be added to the project as translator (see below to understand), I'll open a Feature Request tracker for your'll be able to upload your translations with that tracker ;). ^

Which languages are you looking for? 

Well, it's easier to tell you what languages I'm not looking for...actually the situation is: I hope to keep updated this page and also this one ;)^

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